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Education and information are critical for people living with psoriasis.1 This may help patients to engage in effective shared decision making during their treatment reviews.

QualityCare™ is a free support programme designed for people living with psoriasis. It provides information, tips & tools to help people manage their psoriasis.

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Visit QualityCare™ patient support website

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Did you know…

Nearly two-thirds of people with psoriasis have reported dissatisfaction with the quality of the information they received.2

Less than half (45%) of people with psoriasis have reported feeling well-supported by their doctor in managing their condition.2

A third of people with psoriasis have not had an annual review with their GP for 5 years.2

Dr Sandra Minor testimonial patient support QualityCare™

“Due to the chronic nature of psoriasis many of our patients need more ongoing support than we can provide in a typical 10 minute consultation. I always recommend QualityCare™ to my patients and colleagues – an excellent holistic resource developed with healthcare and patient experts, which provides practical information and tools for self management to help them live well and ultimately drive better outcomes.”

Dr. Sandra N. Minor FRCP
Consultant Dermatologist
Chichester Nuffield Hospital and Sussex Community Dermatology Service

Dr Rod Tucker testimonial patient support QualityCare™

“GPs and pharmacists play a critical role in supporting their patients to get optimal outcomes from the management of their psoriasis. One of the most effective ways to do this is to direct patients to the wealth of information that already exists online regarding treatment options, lifestyle changes and support services available.”

Dr. Rod Tucker
Community Pharmacist with a special interest in dermatology
Lloyds Pharmacy, Hornsea

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