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Psoriasis is a common chronic inflammatory, immune mediated disease. The negative impact of the disease on health-related quality of life (QoL) is comparable to that of ischaemic heart-disease, diabetes, depression and cancer. In many instances, this disability can be reduced by effective treatment.1
NICE and SIGN both recommend undertaking a primary care annual review for psoriasis patients.1,2

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Key questions to ask your patient in a consultation

We’ve created a consultation tool to use when a patient shows signs of plaque psoriasis. It can be used as a quick reference guide to measure the physical severity of psoriasis and help you gauge the impact on quality of life.

Maximising your consultation time with patients

We know time with your patients is limited and sometimes it can be hard to get all the information you need to understand the severity of their condition.
What questions would help you find out what they need?

Questions I wish I’d been asked
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