Efficacy Versus Gel

Enstilar® is more effective than Dovobet® (calcipotriol/ betamethasone dipropionate) gel at achieving treatment success*

Over the recommended treatment period (4 weeks for Enstilar® and 8 weeks for Dovobet gel [non-scalp]):1

King et al. 2016: Retrospective analysis of the Phase III PSO-ABLE study. PSO-ABLE was a Phase III, randomised, vehicle-controlled, investigator-blinded, multicentre study in patients aged ≥18 years with mild or moderate psoriasis vulgaris (trunk and/or limbs). Treatment success was defined as patients who achieved clear or almost clear skin with at least a two-step improvement in disease severity according to PGA. 36.2% (n=59 /163) of patients using Enstilar® achieved treatment success by week 4 vs 22.5% (n=38/169) using Dovobet gel by week 8 (the recommended treatment period for ‘non-scalp’ areas; p=0.003).1

CI: confidence interval; OR: odds ratio; PASI: psoriasis area severity index; PGA: physician’s global assessment.

UK Enstilar® foam and Dovobet® gel cost comparison:3

Pack sizeTreatmentBasic NHS Price
60 gEnstilar® foam£39.68
Dovobet® gel£37.21
2 x 60 g
(120 g)
Enstilar® foam£79.36
Dovobet® gel£69.11
Patient applying foam spray

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