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Hot Topics in Dermatology

PASI 100 and Absolute PASI with Dr Amy Foulkes

Kyntheum® ▼ (brodalumab) Prescribing Information

UK/IE MAT-25559 August 2019

Dr Amy Foulkes, Consultant Dermatologist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust discusses patient reported outcome measures used in the assessment of psoriasis. This includes the value of using an absolute PASI and aiming towards a PASI 100 response for our patients with chronic plaque disease and the use of the The Dermatology Life Quality Index as a outcome measure of health related quality of life.

MAT-32583 May 2020

Patient Behaviour and Adherence with Dan Berry

Kyntheum® ▼ (brodalumab) Prescribing Information

UK/IE MAT-24503 August 2019

Dan Berry shares insights from behavioural science providing new and evidence-based ways to support psoriasis patients adherence through reminders, habit formation, white coat compliance and planning and goal setting.

MAT-32617 May 2020

Impact of digital technology on healthcare professional interactions with Dr Felix Jackson

Kyntheum® ▼ (brodalumab) Prescribing Information

UK/IE MAT-25196 August 2019

Dr Felix Jackson discusses the impact of digital technology on healthcare professional interactions including diagnostic support, interactions with patients, remote consultation and education and support.

MAT-32622 May 2020

Immunology – a walk through pathways in plaque psoriasis with Eleanor Needham

Kyntheum® ▼ (brodalumab) Prescribing Information

UK/IE MAT-24311 August 2019 / Kyntheum® (brodalumab) Prescribing Information

Eleanor Needham, Medical Science Liaison Biologics, LEO Pharma provides an overview of some of the immune pathways that are important to consider when treating moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

MAT-32623 May 2020
MAT-21379 May 2019






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MAT-29941 November 2019

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