Efficacy Versus Separates

Enstilar® is more effective than its individual active components in achieving treatment success at week 41

Treatment success according to PGA was defined as clear or almost clear from baseline for patients with moderate/severe disease and clear
from baseline for those with mild disease.1,2

The proportion of patients achieving clear or almost clear skin† at week 4 on trunk and limbs:1

Graph Enstilar vs individual components

Study design:

A randomised, double-blind, multicentre, three-arm, phase II, 4 week trial in adult patients with plaque psoriasis, treatment success* at 4 weeks.
†Absolute reduction in mean mPASI of 2.8 at week 1 and 5.4 at week 4.2

How does a topical combination treat both elements of plaque psoriasis?

Dr Stuart Wolfman, Dr George Moncrieff and Dr Angelika Razzaque

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